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airport Travel

Audrey's Farmhouse + Greenhouse is located in Wallkill, NY (the middle of Hudson Valley) which means guests who will be flying have the option to choose from both NYC and upstate airports as both provide similar drive times: 


NYC Airports: LaGuardia, Newark, JFK - 1.5 -2 Hour Drive

Upstate NY Airport: Albany International Airport - 1.5 Hour Drive

Transportation Upon Arrival


We understand that ride share services and taxis can be difficult to find in the Hudson Valley. Because we want all of our guests to have a stress-free experience at our wedding, we will be offering shuttle service from the New Paltz Hampton Inn to the wedding and reception at Audrey’s.   


The shuttle bus will depart from the Hampton Inn at 3:30 and 4:20 pm on Saturday, June 18, 2022.  For the return service, the shuttle bus will depart from Audrey’s at 9:30 and 10:30 pm. If you do not plan on using the shuttle, be sure to give yourself extra time to get to the ceremony!

If you plan on staying at a location other than the hotel block please be aware Ubers / Lyft are difficult to find at the wedding location and much of the surrounding area.


there will be a hotel block at the new Paltz Hampton inn and will act as the main shuttle location for transportation to and from the wedding. Please note the groom and bride will not be staying at the hotel block


New Paltz Hampton Inn - hotel block link below


Inn at the Ridge Bed and Breakfast - Only 4 minutes down the road from us. This B&B and their breakfasts are superb. Contact Sal & Bev for accommodations.

Watergrass Hill Bed & Breakfast - 4 bedroom, 4 bath inn about 10 min from us. Alana recently opened the bed and breakfast and has been getting amazing reviews.

Kettleboro - This super cute inn is located 15 minutes from us.

Hasbrouck House - Located in Stone Ridge, Hasbrouck House is a beautifully restored inn about 30 minutes away from us!

Minnewaska Lodge - Located about 10 minutes away from us & has capacity!

Four Points Newburgh - Close to Stewart International

America’s Best Value Inn - Located in New Paltz , about 15 minutes away. A cheery and affordable option!

Bernetta's Place - Pet friendly and located about 10 minutes from us,

Hudson Valley Rose - Beautiful B&B with lovely owners to match!

Roundhouse Beacon - Located 35 minutes away. However they are conveniently close to the MTA line and have the capacity.

AirBnB - House Rentals

Log Cabin Next Door to Audrey's (BOOKED)

Upstate Sanctuary (5 min from us - contact Chris the owner directly at)

Harmony at Halcyon

Modern Cabin in Accord - About 30 minutes away from Audrey’s. .

1Br Condo - <15 minutes from the venue

Cute Colonial House - Sleeps 6

Country House - Sleeps 6+

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